John King, House Raising/ Foundation Repair; New balcony

 "Lex  and his expertise solidified my family home's foundation. It was brick  and mortar from the 1930's and was beginning to crumble. Lex  constructed, coordinated, supervised, negotiated, and engineered a state  of the art, solid, poured concrete foundation for my family's home to  rest upon. I trust Lex to get the job well done and "solid built". John"

Edwin Hicks , Whole House Renovation; Interior and Exterior

 "Completely transformed our home when we purchased it 5 years ago... no  leaks in the bedroom to bathroom conversion renovation, and the balcony  is just as solid as day 1. No leaks in the new windows, home looks much  more modern with all the improvements, and the realtor barely recognized  it when she stopped by after all the work. We love it, and definitely  recommend Solid Built Construction." 

Abigail, Small Renovation

 I'm a new condo owner in Waikiki. This contractor was really excellent.   He did my renovation.  My sliding door on my lanai needed to place in  the right position, he handled the situation knowing it was glass,  especially when windy condition occurred. Mahalo Solid Built  Construction. 

Elaine D., Interior Renovation

Lex was an absolute pleasure to work with! We had a terrible experience  with a contractor leaving us mid job and he stepped in to save the day!  He met with us several times to discuss our project. He has an extensive  background in construction and answered our questions thoroughly. One  thing that stood out is his willingness to get the job done the RIGHT  way. He also has exceptional customer service. We had our flooring and  baseboards done by him. He was even willing to work with us to save us  some money. The job turned out even better than we could have expected!  His attention to detail was just awesome including small cuts and edges  that adds an incredible quality to the end product. 

Don, Design Professional

Lex, at Solid Built Construction, is a very dedicated and honest Builder.
He does his best to create the best build out at an affordable cost.
I  am a local Design Company and I have worked with Lex on several  projects. He is very knowledgeable and conscientious. He takes the time  to think of the many variables that present themselves in this industry  and comes up with common sense, affordable solutions.
I would recommend him for any construction and remodeling project you might have. 

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